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Railroad Days Photo Gallery

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2002 Railroad Days at Cold Spring Village

The following photos were taken at the June 2002 Railroad Days Festival in Cold Spring Village, NJ. Dave Gairo and company operated a variety of O scale modules and an HO layout of Ed Torpey's. The O-gauge modules were running with Digital Command Control (DCC). DCC allows individual control of each car, which gives precise speed control in a show operation. The East Penn signal system was also used as a backup, in case the operator got distracted. The loop module is Gary Reighn's and the Bridge Street module is Dave Gairo's. All the O-scale models are by Dave Gairo. (All photos by Ed Torpey.)

 PE 950 is a brass model from The Car Works that comes painted and ready-to-run (almost).
The silver PRT PCC is a kit from about 1978.
Single-truck open car is a Kidder brass body with Q-car power. It was painted in an early PRT scheme by Richard Vible.
The single-truck work car is a scratch-built brass model of PRT W-15. It also has Q-car power.
Open car 125 enters the loop to return to Bridge St. Ed Torpey's digital camera has very good close-up capabilities.
Nearside 6924 is a brass import by MTS. The destination signs and Pay Enter sign were done on a computer printer. The advertising sign is a xerox from a photograph, colored with markers. An other example of the close focusing of the digital camera.
A street-level view of Bridge St. The BC Electric sightseer is on the route 66 loop, while W-15 is on route 3 loading track.
An interesting effect made possible by DCC. With car lights on while stopped, you can see the interiors of the cars. Also, the nearside's headlight can be seen reflecting off the rear of the PCC. The marker lights on the PCC are fiber optics.
Dave Grier and Dave Gallagher watch over Dave Gairo's module. (Too many Daves!!)
Here are ALL the Daves!
PE 950 entering the loop module while Dave Grier looks on.
PRT open 125 leaving the loop module.
Ed Torpey's Boston PCC operating on his Port-a-Pike.
Port-a-Pike is used to train aspiring motormen. Here, a young visitor gets a chance at running the car while Bob Kelly instructs.
Dave Gairo, probably telling Ed Torpey to NOT take the picture. Too late!
It must be near the end of the day. Two Daves loosing interest.
Again, near the end of the day. Dave Grier has not moved since 6 pictures ago!

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