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2002 East Penn Mini-Meet Photos

The following photos were taken at the May 4&5, 2002 East Penn Mini Meet in Hatfield, PA. (All photos by Ed Torpey.)

A West Penn car passes by the South Hills Junction station on Bob Dietrich's HO module under construction.
A PE Train on Doug Cowperthwait's HO modules.
A Brill Liner crosses a bridge on a module by Don Wright.
Lou Rakus's scratchbuilt LVT 1030 dar on a siding on Lou's module.
Another of Lou's cars.
A Chester Valley Traction car on Lou's module.
A Kawasaki car passes a Red Arrow car on Jack Spedden's HO modules.
Another shot of Jack Spedden's module.
Another shot on Jack's layout.
The car barn on Jack's modular layout.
Another shot on Jack's layout.
The Montreal Sightseeing car on Dave Gairo's O Scale module.
Another car on Dave's Bridge Street module
The Brill Liner at Bridge Street.
A couple of cars on the Bridge Street Loop.
Car 75 at Bridge Street.
A mock up of an LVT 1030 car sits on the original LVT right-of-way in Hatfield. The build to the right of it (shown in the next photo) is the original LVT station.
This building was the original LVT station is Hatfield.

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