EPTCThe East Penn Traction Club, Inc.

Michael Junod

I was introduced to the East Penn Club by the late George Van Deventer and joined in the late 1970s. I am an active HO and O scale trolley modeler as well as HO scale railroading. I have built several O scale modules and built the HO trolley line at the Abington Lines Model Railroad Club. I really enjoy hand building trackwork and overhead. I appreciate that hand built craftsmanship survives in traction modeling while it has all but disappeared in main line railroad modeling. My trolley line is named "Mayfair Electric" because I grew up in NE Philly and rode the PCCs on the 56, the trackless trolleys on the 66, and the MP-54s on the PRR Trenton Local. I have learned a great deal of the craft of traction modeling from the founding fathers of East Penn and hope we, as a club, can continue to expand that craft and pass it on to a new generation of traction modelers.