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2005 East Penn Trolley Meet Photos

The following photos were taken on May 14 & 15, 2005 at the 17th East Penn Trolley Meet in North East Philadelphia (National Guard Armory). (All photos by Gary Reighn unless noted.)

 One of the O Scale modular layouts at the 17th National East Penn Trolley Meet.
 Another shot of the O Scale modular layout.
 More O modules and elevated trains.
 More O scale modules.
 One of the HO scale modular layouts.
 Another one of the HO scale modular layouts.
 Another shot of one of the HO scale modular layouts.
 A shot of South Hills Junction on the HO layout.
 Another HO scale modular layout.
 Dealer tables and guests.
 More dealer tables and crowds.
 More dealer wares for sale.
 1/2" scale modules in operation.
 Jimmy Sparkman's 3/4" scale trolleys.
 More 3/4" action.
 Model contest tables.
 More contest entrants.
 A memorial plaque honoring Lou Rakus.

These photos of the EPTC/ECTMA Fan Trip on Sunday were taken by Terrell Colson.

 The MUed train followed the #36 route through the subway.
 After going through the subway the cars made the loop at the portal station.
 Here stopped in front of the shops..
 LRV's in the SEPTA shop.

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