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1999 East Penn Trolley Meet Photos

The following photos were taken at the May 1999 East Penn Trolley Meet in Pennsauken, New Jersey. (All photos by Bob Thomas.)
Here is a shot of the 28,000 Sq Ft hall before it is overrun with trolleys!
Here is a shot after the dealers have arrived and opened for business.
Joel Lovitch of MTS Imports concludes a sale.
Slides and memorabilia get the thorough going-over at the meet.
Some of the many trolley and hobby supplies on sale at the meet.
Kevin Farrell of Kevin Farrell's Books writes up another sale.
This shot of Jimmy Sparkman's 3/4" Elevated railroad gives you an idea of the massive size of these models.
Jack Spedden points out some of the interesting features of his HO trolley layout.
Another photo of Jack's modular HO layout. Jack's layout runs as smooth as it looks!
This layout belongs to an unknown modeler who was never seen near the layout during the show. :-)
Here is another shot of Bob Dietrich's HO module (or is it a layout?)
Doug Cowperthwaite's modules make an impressive display of HO trolley modeling.
Another shot of Doug's modules with Bob Dietrich's in the background.
Notice the fancy trackwork on another of Doug's modules.
One of the HO modules owned by Tom O'Donnell, the East Penn's HO module coordinator.
Another of Tom's HO modules.
Bill Brandt's fine O scale layout, set on higher than standard legs for that ultimate viewing experience.
A beautiful master unit on Bill's O scale layout.
One of Fred Miller's two exciting and beautiful, computer controlled HO Gotham City modules.
A shot of the other "urban" Gotham City module by Fred Miller.
Alex Postpischil keeps an eye on the operation of his N scale trolley line (Yes, I said 'N' scale!)
Note the microscopic wirework on Alex's N scale trolley layout.
Another shot of N scale trolleys.
More N scale operation.
Alex's N scale work won him honorable mention at the meet.
Gary Reighn's "Main Street" modules still under construction but in operation at the meet.
Gary's automated junction module.
Another of Gary's O scale modules.
Another of Gary's O scale modules, part of the large O scale layout.
A scene on a beautiful HO scale El layout.
Another view of the El layout.

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