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A Picture Tour of Bob Dietrich's East Penn HO Scale Module.

by Bob Dietrich

I built this East Penn Module about 1988. Over the years it grew and developed to the state you see in the pictures, all the while being displayed and run at various trade shows and East Penn Meets. The original goal was to create something that didn't look like any other Module, I wanted to reproduce a bridge in Baltimore, the trestle in Lykens Valley Railway, and a Western PA hill that could be used for storage. I also wanted to have a railroad interchange. As I started the design I found that with a max 7% grade UP, the distance for the hill became about 5' to get high enough to pass over the track and wire. I also discovered that crossing the river took more space than I had expected.

I ended up with a 10' x 30" module that I split at the 5' mark. End plates allowed me to create a box-like package for transporting that fit into a Ford Taurus wagon. Additions to the original module started immediately and included, almost, a complete rewiring to incorporate the East Penn detection system. Originally the railroad was a running path but I eventually laid tracks so the trolley passengers can now transfer to the commuter railroad to complete their journey. The background hill was also a late addition; it is made of Styrofoam and is attached after the module is set up.

The module is retired to my basement now; it is very heavy and took a beating every time I took it out, but I have a replacement under construction. I hope you enjoy this little picture tour.

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