EPTC The East Penn Traction Club

EPTC Anti-SPAM Policy

East Penn Anti-SPAM Policy

The East Penn Traction Club, Inc. and any of its members acting on behalf of the club, agree to adhere to the following anti-SPAM guidelines:

  1. That EPTC, Inc is the sole owner of and is responsible for all email distribution lists developed on behalf of the club
  2. Membership in these distribution lists is via an opt-in method only
  3. All email sent on behalf of the club will adhere to the Federal CAN-SPAM regulations:
    1. all commercial email will have a one-step unsubscribe function
    2. the email must include the sender's valid physical postal address
    3. an identifiable initiator must appear in the "from" line
    4. the subject line cannot be false or misleading

Please notify the East Penn Webmaster of any violations of this policy at webmaster@eastpenn.org.

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